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Ummmm here is something I wrote a few days ago... I'm not done. Italics are thoughts, and bold is written by a character. But plz, if you read it, tell me if it's ok so far or not?? Muchas Gracias.

"Mommy what are we doing? Why can't I leave this room?"
"Shhh... No matter WHAT happens, I want you to STAY HERE where it's safe!!!!"
And with that, the woman in the baby blue flower printed dress left him behind the chair through the oak door. Shortly after he heard yelling, two gunshots, a door slam, and then silence. Slowly crawling out of his hiding place, he made his way into the light filled living room. Immediately rushing to the side of his dying mother, there was nothing that he could do but hold her bleeding body as the life faded, and cry his little heart out...
 His grey-blue eyes snapped open, jolting him yet again out of another nightmare filled with memories he wished to drown. Visions of blood and death swarmed throughout his mind as he stretched his lean body in the pale darkness of his room. Throwing on this dark attire after using some mouthwash, he wanted to get out as quickly as possible. He passed by his CEO of a father who was too enraptured with the work on his laptop than anything else to look up. Opening the front door, he rubbed his milky hands together for warmth from the crisp, cool dawn air. Reaching the front steps of his new school (to which he referred to as "Hell High"), he slid on his headphones blaring Audioslave and floated down the halls like a ghost. Unable to see or hear anyone or anything that he passed by, to be either ignored or stared at by his peers. Plopping down into his seat in the back of the classroom, he whipped out a notebook, continuing his lyrics and poetry from the day before.
 "Akio.... pssst! AKIO!" the boy in the black Linkin Park hoody whispered, tossing a blank ball of paper at him after tapping him on the shoulder with minimal results. It was Jeff Drehn, one of the biggest troublemakers in all of Johnson High, and also one of the few people who had enough optomism to consider Akio a friend. "There's a rave this weekend. You coming?"
"Eh." Akio just shrugged his shoulders, with his dirty blond hair long and spiked, blocking he vision of his eyes while he scribbled a few more lines.
Jeff found that amusing, but tried to surpress his laughter, while his olive colored face had a huge grin plastered to it, making his green eyes slightly smaller. "So that's a yes, right?"
He simply nodded, which satisfied the other, who went back to slouching in his chair. What could it hurt? It's not like my father would really notice anyway... DAMN IT WHAT THE HELL IS MY NEXT LINE SUPPOSED TO BE???
You don't know me.
You don't know what it's like,
To Feel the pain of your life,
And the solid constant depression of lonliness and shattered esteem,
tearing into the very depths of your soul Like the Grim Reeper's scythe.
Most days you just want to die.
What is this?
What IS this?
Gods, oh graceful, darkened gods,
Why must you torment my twisted mind,
My weakened form?
Take me away...
Please take me away.
And let me fade...
 From all of it.

Ok that's all I have for THAT story so far b/c I have a ton of poetry I wrote after it and am in the middle of writing some science fiction stories. But yeah, let me know plz.
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