blackstains (blackstains) wrote in gothicteens,

Locked Within My Cage

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ooo you are quite the cutie pie!!!! -licks finger & touches you OWCH GOT BURNED- lol
*turns bright red* thank you~
you look awesome. You vaguely remind me of my friend though. Well looks wise. But still your handsome ^_^
lol thank you
Huh. Well at least I know who I'm talking to now... You look similar to two of my friends... only one had blonde hair with blue streaks, and the other is like 5'10" and 15 years old....

Can I ask why there are so many ppl in your town in like 3 of my communitues? It's freaking weird...

Also I have ONE quick, quick question... Where is your inspiration for your poetry from? (jw b/c I'm having writer's block with my poetry right now, but my stories are fine... and I need to write poetry for a project soon so I need inspiration again so I needed to ask)

Don't foget to hug the monkey!!! *holds out a tiny gothic puple monkey plushie that has horns and wings*
lol..... inspiration comes from a fucked up life and MUSIC *bounces*
Music? How so??? And I can't comment to the fucked up life cause that's only my school life... so school is my inspiration for half of it, but ahhhhh.... wtf???? (just ignore everything other than the music bit if you plz)
You are quite the hotness! I need more people at my school like you!
Can I add you?
if you would like too~